The value of re-purposing your IT equipment.

You are always replacing and upgrading IT assets. These Laptops, iPads, Chromebooks, Phones, and Servers may be worth money that can be used to offset other costs and provide a return on your original investment. In addition, used IT equipment can be refurbished and may provide learning tools to children in less fortunate areas that would not otherwise have the opportunity due to the costs of new equipment. Always ensure the data on the equipment is destroyed to NAID, DoD and NIST Standards to protect both your brand and your customer’s brand.

ITAD Services

SpruceIT helping students with refurbished computers in El Salvador. There is no better feeling than helping prepare for the future! Together we can make a difference!  

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computer recycling

The principle of  El Salvador base school visiting SpruceIT. 


SpruceIT is a woman and minority-owned small business who for 10+ years has been working with government, education and enterprise customers to maximize value recovery and eliminate data & e-waste liabilities associated with decommissioned digital assets/equipment such as servers, laptops, tablets, phones, etc. through our unique application of global, market-driven, reverse logistics services (Secure ITAD Services). The asset disposition suite of services is process-engineered to minimize logistics, audits and data destruction costs while accelerating maximum value recovery. This includes on-site and off-site NAID, DoD and NIST compliant data eradication and/or media shredding and BAN and R2 compliant recycling services.

Tom Whildin, VP Business Development

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Proud to be a green company

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