SpruceIT offers hard drive and electronic media destruction for responsible and secure electronic data management.

Our services ensure that all private, sensitive and confidential data and information remain uncompromised by offering physical destruction of hard drives and other media.

We offer our services on the following media:

  • Desktop and Laptop Drives
  • Zip Drives
  • USB Thumb Drives
  • External Hard Drives
  • Solid-State Hard Drives
  • Smart Phones
  • DVD’s (Optical Media)


Industry Compliant

As you know, many serious liabilities are associated with your private company and client data.  Therefore, we maintain strict adherence to the mandates set forth by NIST, US Department of Defense and other agencies concerning the destruction of embedded data.

All media will be destroyed using the most up to date shredding equipment on the market; it completely destroys the media in seconds, making the material completely irretrievable.

We also keep your business compliant by offering a complete serialized record of the assets, a certificate of data destruction and a video of the entire process for proof of destruction.


Verification of Asset Destruction

 All material destroyed goes through our secure process of scanning  media to be destroyed to capture the serial numbers used to create an itemized certificate of data destruction.


Commercial Shredding – Our Site or Your Site

We will pick up any media for destruction from you site, our trained technicians will maintain a secure chain of custody and scan all serial numbers before they leave you site.

If drives are shipped to us we provide the same chain of custody service and verification of media received, an itemized listing of your assets will be provided within 48 hours of arrival to our site.


Residential Shredding – Our Site

We provide a drop off service at our Allentown PA location, just call ahead and arrange for drop off.  We will scan the media while you wait, secure your drop off and provide a certificate of data destruction via email within 24 hours.



Pricing for media destruction varies on the services provided.

Contact us for a quote or to schedule a drop off or pick up.


Additional Services

 If you have additional needs please do not hesitate to contact us, we offer customized services.


Our Location

7035 Schantz Road

Suite 150

Allentown, PA  18106

Phone: 484-241-4612

Email: Beth@spruceit.net